TUCTA at the Forefront: Extending Social Protection to Migrant Workers

The International Labour Organization (ILO), in collaboration with the East, Horn of Africa, and Yemen Labour Migration (EHoALabourMig) initiative, recently conducted a pivotal training on “Extending Social Protection to Migrant Workers.” This significant event, attended by representatives from seven African countries, focused on improving regional migration management.

Ms. Nasra Shargy, TUCTA’s Director of Gender, Youth, and People with Disabilities, represented the organization at this crucial training. Her participation highlights TUCTA’s dedication to addressing the unique challenges faced by migrant workers and contributing to the development of comprehensive regional migration policies.

The training underscores a collective effort to enhance social protection measures for migrant workers, ensuring their rights and well-being are safeguarded. TUCTA, through Ms. Shargy’s representation, actively engages in initiatives that strive for equitable treatment and improved conditions for workers across borders.

As TUCTA continues to advocate for the rights of vulnerable groups, including migrant workers, Ms. Shargy’s involvement in this ILO training signifies the organization’s commitment to fostering positive change and inclusivity in the realm of labor migration. Stay tuned for updates on TUCTA’s ongoing endeavors in this critical area.

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