The Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA) is the only registered Trade Union Federation in Tanzania, with Registration No. FED 01. It was established in April 2001 and Registered in May 2001 under then Trade Union Act of 1998 and later updated its registration under the Employment and Labour Relations Act 2004. TUCTA is a national umbrella organization of thirteen sectoral based trade unions with total membership of around 650,000 by June 2016, whose main function is to coordinate and liaise the trade union movement in the country. The organization is promoting the interests of workers through among many other ways including Promoting Social Dialogue and advocacy for Decent work in harmonizing labour relation at all levels. It also embraces the issue of building/strengthening organizational capacities in increasing and maintaining membership base.


To have a continuous community, where employees and employers collaborate in creating a stable, neat and sustainable jobs.


Fighting, protecting, defending workers' rights and promoting trade unions to be stable and united while exercising freedom and true democracy in Tanzania