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TUCTA (Trade Union Congress of Tanzania) employs research and planning to champion workers’ rights:

  1. Policy Advocacy: TUCTA conducts research to influence labor policies and regulations, ensuring they align with the needs of workers.

  2. Collective Bargaining: Research informs bargaining strategies, allowing TUCTA to negotiate better wages and working conditions.

  3. Programs: Planning is used to develop and execute worker-focused programs, including education and safety initiatives.

  4. Monitoring: TUCTA continually assesses program impact, making adjustments as needed.

  5. Capacity Building: TUCTA provides training for members to enhance their advocacy skills.

  6. Strategic Direction: Strategic planning guides long-term goals and priorities, keeping TUCTA effective in protecting workers’ rights in Tanzania.

Research and planning are integral components of TUCTA’s efforts to serve the interests of workers in Tanzania. By conducting research, formulating informed policies, and strategically planning their activities, TUCTA can effectively represent and advocate for the welfare of its members in an ever-evolving labor landscape